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What does a Boot Camp Challenge® workout look like? Check this out:

What Will I Receive in My Boot Camp Challenge® Training?

Grab-n-Go Workouts

As a BCC trainer, all your workouts are provided for you. And they are all different. As a matter of fact, you receive 148 unique workouts every year. And, you don't have to memorize anything. And they are based on science. Our workouts are created in the guidelines of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). Each of our workouts includes a warm-up, cardiovascular training, muscular endurance training, flexibility training, and skill-related components. We want you to have more free time, great retention, great results, and time to grow your camps. You're welcome. BOOM!


You will learn how to administer 5 Assessments: 2 from the fitness industry and 3 from the United States Army, Whaaaat?!  Why do we have to do assessments in Boot Camp Challenge®? The purpose of our assessments is twofold. The first reason is for you as the trainer to know where your clients are coming from and their unique needs. The second reason we include assessments is to allow your clients to set a benchmark. At the end of the program, they will repeat the assessments and have tangible results. The assessments were created for the trainer and ended up being one of our top retention tools. BCC boasts a 72% retention rate with a brand new trainer. 


You will learn the most up-to-date nutritional strategies and guidelines to educate your campers and in turn facilitate true and lasting change. Our nutritional component allows for a complete wellness solution. We understand in order for your clients to see real results, they must eat well. Through our coaching system, your clients are able to make a physiological change. You will be provided with nutritional education within your scope of practice. You will learn about our unique and user-friendly tracking system. And you will learn how to provide guidance and feedback on how your clients can make change. 


We will teach you how to keep your campers moving for the duration of the workout. Why is this important? A survey of group personal training participants (not ours!) said the two main reasons they did not stick with their group training program was firstly, they stopped too many times because the trainer did not keep them moving. The second reason was that the workout was either not hard enough or too intense for their level of fitness. That's why we teach you how to keep your campers in a constant state of movement. And, we provide four modifications for every exercise in all of our workouts, so you can meet your campers right where they are and take them where they want to go.


In Boot Camp Challenge®, we believe in education, education, education! That is why we will continue to educate you throughout your journey as a Boot Camp Challenge® trainer. Boot Camp Challenge® is more than just an exercise program. It is an experience for participants as well as the trainer. The Boot Camp Challenge® program allows you to equip the participants with skills to make lifestyle changes. When the program ends, the participants are invigorated and motivated because of their successes, and you are rewarded with the knowledge that you were a part of that process.


I know, I know, you are already super motivated. But do you know the top three motivational strategies to keep your campers coming back for more? Don't worry, we do. And we teach them to you. And, our strategies work. And we know this because our program is 16 years old, we've trained tens of thousands of campers and changed millions of lives. Hoo-Aah!

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What will you receive upon completion of your Boot Camp Challenge® training?

Upon completion of your 2-day virtual training, you will receive all of the information to confidently launch Boot Camp Challenge®. In addition to the key components of the program, you will also receive the following.

  • 148 Unique Workouts
  • Fitness Software
  • Boot Camp Challenge® Manual
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Marketing Materials

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Continuing Support

We provide you with your own personal Boot Camp Challenge® manager to guide you to success.


Your personal Boot Camp Challenge® manager will be by your side from Day 1. Upon completion of your BCC training, your manager will work with you step by step to find a perfect location, pricepoint, time, and duration for your Boot Camp Challenge® camp that will be a great fit for YOU and your campers.