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VicteliB Success Stories

Partnering with VicteliB has created great revenue with no additional overhead. It has been a win-win situation in every way. The participant has success, the trainer makes good income and so does the club owner. And, it has given me many possibilities for the future if I would like to add new programs and duplicate my success. I have been a partner since 2005 and love it in every way!
~ Melanie Karrick - Columbia, MO

Less than two and half years ago, I decided to partner my company, nShape Training, LLC with VicteliB and Boot Camp Challenge®. It was one of the best business decisions I have ever made. The entire crew at VicteliB is always there to help me and help my business grow. It's not unusual to email the VicteliB team with a question and they respond immediately! Now where in corporate America does that happen? In less than one and a half years after partnering with BCC, I was able to fulfill a dream of purchasing a lake condo!!!
~ Beth Redmond - Tyrone, GA

Partnering with VicteliB has given me the opportunity to prosper in the fitness industry in a way that I would not have been able to do on my own. Running two VicteliB programs enables me to stay home with my children while bringing in significant income doing what I love to do!
~ Melissa Grattan - Clifton Park, NY

Before Boot Camp Challenge®, like most trainers, I was maxed out on time and income. I made the decision to partner with VicteliB in 2011 and launch one of their programs. I never imagined by 2013 I would gross over $250,000.00 and have eight trainers working for me.
~ Jaron Tate - Fort Collins, CO

One word shines very bright in the world of Boot Camp Challenge® / VicteliB. FAMILY... This is fitness family with very strong bonds! The fitness world is a very competitive profession to grow and thrive in. Having the support from within our family is what creates success for all of us. This is team environment and we fight for each other, support each other, and keep moving ever forward in the fitness industry! Beginners encouraged and lead in the right direction. Veterans take the responsibility of mentoring the generation behind us! A feeling of safety and support you will take with you every day!
~ Melanie Lambert - University City, MO

VicteliB/BCC has provided me the confidence and structure to take my business to the next level. I love that I have the flexibility to make this as big or as small as I feel able and rock it out with confidence knowing that my clients are seeing the results they had hoped for. "The ability to not only do what I love daily but to also make a living from it is amazing! Hoo-Aah!
~ Judy Long - Richmond, VA

VicteliB and Boot Camp Challenge came into my life when I needed it the most from both a mental and financially standpoint. After a huge life changing event, I didn't know how I was going to make ends meet. After just one year, that completely changed! Three years later, I can honestly say that VicteliB changed my life! I look forward to grossing six figures in the upcoming year. I am now able to work flexible hours and not only raise my 8 month old daughter without daycare, but 100% support her and our little family without any financial worries. Running 2 VicteliB programs not only helped me, but has helped thousands of individuals in my community.
~ Courtney Mambourg - Fort Campbell, TN